Sounds Like a Plan!

gods plan,christian,ministry,blog,bibleIf you have grown up Christian, whether non-denominational or specific religion, then you’ve always been told that God has a plan for you. I wonder how many of us thought of this idea as just something that we just had to hear or had to believe as part of our faith. When in our youth it didn’t seem to be something that concerned us too much, I know I didn’t give much thought as to what it meant, but how about as teens and adults? If we are deep in our Christian faith, then it became something that shaped our lives, hearts and minds. It is a basic belief in our daily worship and prayer.

It’s true that God really does have a plan for all, be it unbeknownst to us. Wondering what that plan is may never be truly understood, but it isn’t supposed to be. God gave us free will to choose our own path. Whether we choose His plan and path or another is just that, our choice.

[wp_ad_camp_4]I have always considered myself a Christian, albeit never a flawless one, but still a Christian. It wasn’t until later in life that it actually started to mean something to me, now it means absolutely everything to me. I may still make poor decisions and many mistakes, but I make a strong effort to learn from them and occasionally that means making the same mistake more than once. (Ok, sometimes more than occasionally and many more than once!) The point is that these things involve making choices.

I didn’t choose to be an addict although I may have had some control over the progression of the disease. I didn’t choose to have mental illness, and unfortunately I did not have much control over that part. As with many others suffering from these issues, and after much therapy, the determination has been that I had the mental illness prior to the addiction, which means I was very young when these things started affecting my life.

Was this part of God’s plan for me? Do I honestly believe that God would let me go through this intentionally? The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic YES! Some people are naturally strong and make the right choices early on, whereas some of us need a little more of a push and strife to come out on the sunny side of the fence where the grass is greener!

[wp_ad_camp_1]Free will and God’s plan for us go hand in hand. Our past does not determine our future regardless of how dark it may be!! Positive thoughts and actions should be the norm and not something we have to think about! Negativity and doubt may be felt, but we must fight the urge to let those feelings take control. Our thoughts and prayers become our reality, therefore if those thoughts and prayers are positive and are voiced with faith and determination, they will then become our reality. Remember patience is a virtue! God’s timing is always perfect and we must acknowledge that in order to have peace with ourselves, our faith and with our paths. Feeling fear is inevitable but we need to speak faith aloud, to ourselves and to others! It is difficult to see a way sometimes, but God has a way and a path for us all! ALL things are possible through Him!

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4


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