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All Things New!

(Note: I wrote this at the beginning of 2016, but it is still so true, except now I’m close to my son!)

He makes all things new! Here we are again, another new year! I hear so many people say how happy they are for a new year because the one we left was so terrible, but can that really be true every year? We can all think of things that shoulda, woulda, coulda happened, but the fact is, that just isn’t realistic! The whole year couldn’t have been completely bad! Come on! Surely we can think of at least one thing that was good about it!

You know what my year looked like?

[wp_ad_camp_4]Well let’s see… I still haven’t seen my kids for four and a half years; I have people on me from all directions battling over legal issues! Then there was that lovely 100 day summer vacation…in prison!! I’m so poor (how poor are you?) I’m so poor I have to use coupons at the dollar store! I have disabilities that keep me from working, but getting disability legitimately is like pulling teeth… it’s reserved for healthy, dishonest cheating people! My mom passed away who meant everything in the world to me after taking care of her for the last several years. One of the very best friends I’ve ever had passed away with no warning… he was like a brother to me! I had to move out of the only home I’ve known for years, causing a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety! And last but not least, I’m living with the disease of addiction!

How’s that for a year? That’s not even including the mental illness issues, all the meds, being poked, prodded and x-rayed to no end and anything else I am forgetting!

That’s what my year looks like to others. You want to know how my year looks like to ME?

Even though I haven’t seen my kids, I get reports from family and friends and I know they are both doing very well in all they do. I am so proud! While my legal issues are largely irritating and annoying, I also know that they will basically be over in April! My prison time was definitely undeserved, but nobody has ever told me that life is fair? AND I could have been in a much worse prison… I was in the country club of prisons! Being poor is a matter of opinion. I may be financially under funded, but I’m getting by and considering the framily I have (that’s all of you), my church, my ministry, my music, art and writing, all the love I feel around me constantly and my ultimate best friend and Savior Jesus Christ, the One I count on to make all things new …. I’d have to say that I’m the richest and most blessed person I know, and I know a lot of blessed people! Yes, my mom and my friend passed away, but oh my dear Lord, consider where they are now!! How could I be sad about that? Sure I miss them, but I’ll see them again! It was very difficult for me to accept having to move, but look, I bought my own house! Being poked and prodded may be inconvenient, but at least those things tell me what is wrong with me. Remembering to take meds 3 times a day is also a pain, but I’m feeling much better now! And thanks to the best shrink I could ever ask for, I get more help than I deserve and my psyche is reasonably healthy! And last but not least, I’m clean and sober!

I love all of you, I love myself, I love what I do and I love life in a general sense. OH, and I love my new dog! HA!
[wp_ad_camp_2]That is what my year looks like to ME! It’s all a matter of perspective. I prefer to be a “glass half full” person, the optimist, the one who can make lemonade! So some things weren’t so great, but did good things come of those things as a result? YOU BET THEY DID!! Absolutely none of the happiness I feel at this point in life would be at all possible if it weren’t for God. He answers prayers in unimagined ways!

I realize that sometimes optimism can be annoying to others, and I also realize that mine may be a bit over the top at times. That’s just how I cope and keep it all in a good frame.

With God all things really are possible, but we must have faith and truly believe! “Bad” things and mistakes are lessons learned (hopefully) and great things are possible through those lessons! Don’t ever give up! Give doubt the boot, we don’t need that!

all things new,corinthians,christian,ministry,celtic,blogI don’t really believe in resolutions however for 2016 I resolve to be the very best I can be. I resolve to finish things that I wanted to finish this year but didn’t quite get there. I resolve to continue to grow this ministry and reach out to many new people and help them in their quest for peace and balance. AND I resolve to continue to put ALL my trust, faith and love in my Abba Father who loves me unconditionally.

It doesn’t take a new year, revelation, epiphany or anything extreme… all it takes is you to ask God for what you need and to bless your life. That is His promise to us through Jesus! Believe in this and He truly will make all things new!!

Happy New Year y’all! May God bless your days with hope and happiness, and may His light always shine upon you!
Love and blessings to all! +Joe

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”
(Psalms 51:10 ESV)

Then He who sat on the throne said, “Behold I make all things new!”
(Revelation 21:5 NIV)

About the author: Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn is a Christian artist, musician and writer. His ministry (JQO Ministries) is dedicated to helping others in the areas of mental illness, addiction recovery and suicide prevention. As a therapeutic and recovery tool, the ministry also offers an outlet for those who suffer to publish their art, music and writing. "I strive to Glorify God and share His Word in everything I do, and if even one person is helped through this ministry, then I know I am doing His will."


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